Gho team Bhutan

About Jim


My mom was born in Poland. She escaped from communism to come to America where she met my dad and had me. I was born in Atlanta. My mom forced me to play the piano against my will and now I love it. My dad bored me with useless knowledge that I now use every single day. Without them nothing I’ve done would have been possible. I graduated from the University of Georgia. I studied abroad at the London School of Economics.

I’ve:  Seen the Eiffel Tower. Hiked the Great Wall.  Skied off a cliff in Colorado. Road-tripped through Scotland and to Montana. Caught a fish in Central Park. Battled the world’s biggest spider in Laos. Raced Michael Phelps. Flown to Europe on a private jet. Been to Philmont. Broken 19 bones. Ran a 1/2 marathon. Played at the 40Watt. Saved someone from drowning. Slept in a cave. Rappelled off a waterfall. Earned Eagle. Eaten sushi in the fish market in Tokyo. Made eye contact with the Pope. Taught my sister how to ride a bike.


I attend the University of Georgia School of Law. I serve as the Managing Editor on the Journal of Intellectual Property Law. I’m spending three months living in Gedu, Bhutan, where the Royal University is starting a law school. Brittany and I are creating a casebook for this project.


Finish law school. Then I haven’t decided yet. I hear New Zeland is nice…


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