Gho team Bhutan

Pics from Part 1.

Here are some pics from part 1! Enjoy!

Kelly, the couchsurfer who invited me camping.

This is the view from the 2nd (and highest) pass.

Near the monastery.

Blue poppy or Meconopsis grandis, which grows at high altitudes of the alpine meadows of Himalayas, is the national flower of Bhutan.

Phuntshol, who came with us.

This guy was B.A. He did the whole trek in sandals, and carried twice as much weight as us. He didn’t even have a proper backpack, just a sack that he tied some rope to for shoulder straps.

Oh, and if anyone knows me, then you know how awesome I am at starting a fire.  Phuntshol and I raced to light fires and he schooled me big time. However, I learned a lot of tricks about fire starting in high altitude (low oxygen),  wet, windy conditions.

The view. Just over that mountain is Paro, the other city I went to that weekend. I thought about just walking there, since we were almost a third of the way there and I was going there anyway in 2 days. At our celebration dinner I was so thankful to be eating hot delicious food with good company. …And not cold, wet, tired and alone somewhere near that mountain.  Good choice for sure.

Our fearless leader, Fynn.

This is the view from the pass- right after the clouds parted for a second.

Thimphu, the capital can be seen in the background.

Yaks! I was pretty luck to see these guys in the distance.

The monastery down below us.

One of the lakes up in the mountain!

Below is our campsite. Epic.


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