Gho team Bhutan

Trekking at 14,000 Feet.

This is part one of a three part series; my long weekend away from Gedu:

Part 1. Trekking at 14,000 Feet.

Part 2. Paro: Dzong and Archery Tournament.

Part 3. Aman Kora, the most luxurious resort in Bhutan. (And how I got in free.)

Part 1. Camping at 14,000 Feet. 

Over a month ago, we learned that there was another law student here in Bhutan. On Thursday, I sent her a message seeing if she was still here. She replied that she was, and invited me to go camping with her and some friends!

There was seven of us, four Americans, one from Denmark and two Bhutanses. We embarked early saturday morning for what I thought was going to be a simple camping trip… turns out it was a pretty hard hike! We slept at around 12,000 feet!

We went to a place called Phajuding, which is a monastery above Thimphu. That was three hours in (mostly straight up!), and is where we had lunch.

After that we continuted for another 2 hours to “the pass” It was at 14,000 feet, and freezing and windy. If we were smart, we would have waited 20 yards down the trail, where it wasn’t so windy, but rather we stopped right at the peak. It was lightly raining at this point, we were all freezing, and our spirits were pretty low.

BUT THEN: the clouds parted for a brief few moments and we could finally see how far we’ve come! Thimphu was so far down below us we might as well have been looking out of an airplane window!

Onwards for another hour, it felt like we were walking though a scene from “The Lord of the Rings.” We were sourounded by big dark rocks, mysterious fog, giant rocky mountians in the distance. Often the trail consisted of stepping stones placed in the middle of a water-logged path for hundreds of yeards at a time.

Finally we got to our campsite, 6,000 feet and 8 hours later.  We were above the clouds, and could barely see the Himalayas in the distance. It was right next to a lake, and is up there for the most beautiful campsite I’ve ever been at.  Get excited for the photos I post of the sunset… (I don’t have my camera cable now, so also get excited about all the photos I post!)


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