Gho team Bhutan


Sorry we haven’t updated in a while, but we’ve been busy taking some awesome pictures. We have plenty of new material so expect some more regular updates!

Brittany only planned on being in Bhutan for the first half of the summer, and now she is working for a Judge in Atlanta. Her flight connected through New Delhi, India, so we decided to change her layover from being 5 hours to 5 days! We stayed with fellow GIP participant Eric Garber, who was working at a corporate law firm in Delhi. After a long and sad goodbye at the airport, I stayed with Eric for another 6 days. The following are pictures from our adventures. I’m sure Brittany will update you with our Delhi experiences, including our trip to one of the 7 wonders of the world!

This is me on capital hill. I was pretty lonely the day after Brittany went home, especially because Eric had to work all day, so I just wandered around Delhi aimlessly.

That weekend, Eric and I traveled to Rishikesh, a town 4 hour away from Delhi by train. Since he had to work on Friday and Monday, we left at dawn on Saturday and took the midnight train back early Sunday morning. There were barely any benches, so literally hundreds of people simply laid down on the platform. For whatever reason, no one was on platform 2, so we just walked over there and sat on a bench until our train arrived.

We rented out a top floor room with a view, and this was our view! The town was beautiful. Every teahouse and restaurant had a view like this. The Ganges ran right through the middle of the town. It was a very religious town, with a 7 story temple, and a no-alcohol policy. Luckily for us, there was a festival in town, so it was very lively.

Everyone there for the festival was wearing bright orange shirts. We decided to get some …if the price was right. Turns out it was as I paid 35 rupees for mine, which is about 3 quarters.

Friday night we wandered around the streets near where Eric lives. Friday nights they transform into a bustling night-market. It was absolutely the place to be on a Friday night. This is where we bought some spices to bring home.

In Hariwar, which is where the train station was, it was customary to send a candle down the river at night. It was really pretty watching dozens of candles float down the Ganges. … And we had expected to be bored waiting for our midnight train to come. This festival lasted all night!

There were lots of Monkeys.

Another one.

In Hariwar, where the candle-sending night festival was going on, the streets were super crowded, with people pushing by each other constantly. These kids thought that made for the perfect place to get tattoos! I’ve heard of street food, but never street tattoos. Aside from the sanitary problems with getting tattoos on a street corner, Eric had another point- with the busy crowd , what if someone bumped into you! These kids didn’t seem to mind, and were really excited to see Americans. They all wanted pictures with us! We hung out with them for a bit and eventually we caved and each got some sweet tattoos. (Mom, I’m just joking.)

This guy was awesome. We were caught in the rain and he brought us into his temple. He offered tea and gave us a place to sit. After some conversation (His english was about as good as our hindi-  bad.) He just kept repeating, “You are…. [long pause] … my friend.” Then he would look at Eric, “You ARE… [pause again] … MY friend. This is MY temple… you ARE …welcome.” Then he was really excited to show us around the entire place. He and some others lived there. They even had a private beech on the river!


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