Gho team Bhutan

Getting There

We finally made it to Bhutan the night before last! Our flight from Atlanta to Newark was delayed 4 hours, which made us miss our flight to Delhi! We had to stay overnight in Newark to catch the next flight 24 hours later. Luckily we were able to reschedule our flight from Delhi to Bagdogra and contact the people that were picking us up there. The long flight was okay and then we stayed the night in Delhi. We had some amazing Indian food for dinner and then caught another flight to Bagdogra the next morning. Two guys from Gaeddu College picked us up at the Bagdogra airport and drove us to Gedu. It was a 5 hour drive, mostly through rural India!! It was very interesting, but really hot! Gedu is in the mountains, so it is not nearly as hot. We are in separate rooms in the Guest House at the college, but they are both really big and nice for Bhutanese standards! When we arrived in Gedu we had dinner at a professor’s house. We sat by a fire and drank some Bhutanese beer (super strong) and had a chicken dish and some rice. It was delicious! There is no meat around apparently, because they are not allowed to kill any animals this month due to some religious holiday, but they bought a chicken on the black market for our arrival! Crazy! The very next morning the Director of the college (Lhato Jamba) was taking a trip to Thimphu (the capital) for a meeting and suggested that we join him, so instead of unpacking and getting settled we took a trip to Thimphu! It is much bigger and busier than Gedu, but I still have not seen any other “chillups” (gringo or foreigner in Dzonkha). We will be in Thimphu for one day and then we will head back to Gedu. The drive here was rough! There were four people in the back of a car on an insanely bumpy 5 hour drive! There is only one road and it’s dirt and not well maintained. I started getting car sick half way through, but luckily Jim had some dramamine! We are able to wonder around on our own today, which is nice! They usually don’t allow chillups to run around unattended! On Wednesday there is a big event at the college and some important people will be there, so the Director helped us get Gho (for Jim) and Kira (for me) to wear to the event! Gho and Kira are the national dress that everyone has to wear if they are going to work, school, events or temples. My kira is really beautiful! I’ll send a picture soon! Alright, I’m going to go explore Thimphu! I hope everything is wonderful at home!



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